How to order website?

STEP 1. Choose the ready theme:

STEP 2. Fill out the order form, answering all questions in detail!

STEP 3. Click “Send an application” VIEW ORDER FORM

STEP 4. After 1 hour, check your email, that you indicated in the application LETTER FOR YOU

STEP 5. Send your answer for the letter!  SEND


After 7 days you will receive:

  1. Website, that is completely ready for filling with your materials;
  2. Illustrated instructions to the interface of the site administrator,
    using which you can add to your site information: articles, news, photos, etc;
  3. The access codes to the control website (interface).

Gifts for the first order:

A unique author’s unique design of the site as a gift!

One year of domain rent as a gift!

One year of hosting rent as a gift!

Services that you can additionally order (as second order):

  1. You can order the service of creating of a logo-watermark
    (company, organization, cattery)
    for installation it on all pictures while loading photo to the site as a sign of ownership
    (author’s sign of belonging of the photograph to the information resource).
    Prices for this service we will send you on your request in PDF format with illustrations.
  2. You can order the service of filling pages with your information and articles.
  3. You can order the service of writing unique articles in Russian, which are optimized for search queries.
  4. You can order the service of translation of optimized texts into other languages.
  5. You can order the service of for basic seo-optimization of pages for certain search queries in showing regions,
    that you are interested in.
  6. You can order the service of site’s promotion.
  7. You can order the service of placement of information about the site and services
    in thematic catalogs from Katrin-Elizabeth® and K-E.TOP.

Still have questions?

Write your question and send it to us. SEND QUESTION

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