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WEBSITE TEMPLATES – complete solutions for your business.

You’ve already made the decision to order a site for your business or hobby, but you do not know what to do the first?
We have a ready-made solution for you from Katrin-Elizabeth® on platform K-E.TOP!
You just go to our website, see templates,
choose from the ready-made solution templates,
place your order only by 5 steps!
Your new modern site with a unique design solution,
that takes into account the specifics of your business or hobby,
will be ready in 7 days from the date of registration of the order!
Your site will have the same structure and options as a template that you liked!
BUT! Your website will have a unique design! AUTHOR’S UNIQUE DESIGN by Katrin-Elizabeth® as a GIFT!

Specialists of Katrin-Elizabeth® will create for you on platform K-E.TOP
a full-featured information resource for your business or hobby
with the following parameters:
1. Address of your site (domain name) will be:
    The first year of rent of the domain name is FREE!
2. Your site will work on servers (hosting) and on platform K-E.TOP
    The first year of rent of hosting is FREE!
3. Specialists of K-E.TOP will carry out tech support of your site for 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
    Under the tech support of the site you need to understand:
    – works to ensure of the performance and availability of the site;
    – correction of system errors if they occur;
    – Regular backup site to prevent data loss
      in cases of non-standard situations and malfunctions of the site.
4. All website templates that are offered for your choice,
    are adapted to all of the most popular browsers.
5. All website templates, that are offered for your choice,
    have an additional “light” mobile version.
6. All website templates, are offered for your choice, are modernized,
    they have a simplified navigation for the convenience of visitors in the search of the necessary information on the site,
    load fast on all types of users devices.
7. Templates have a unique user interface by K-E.TOP,
    using which you can add information to the site
    (your articles, news, photos and other information).
    Illustrated instructions in PDF also are attached to interface.
8. The program for the automatic addition of a logo-watermark to all photos
    while downloading on the site – is integrated to site software.
    The program automatically puts the ready logo-watermark on all pictures while downloading on the site! !
    Now you do not need to do the job by yourself!
    The process of adding watermark is fully automated!
9. Modern gallery with customizable photographs size is integrated to the site software.
    Modern gallery allows you to add photos by clear rows without additional adjustment.
    That adds the attractiveness to your information resource!
    Now add gallery on the page of the site is easy!
    It is enough to click “Add gallery” in the interface,
    and right after that upload a new photo gallery.
10. . Some templates have a unique page layouts, designed for the specifics of your business or hobby.
       These are templates of various kinds of tables, that you can add to the page,
       by click on one button in interface.
       The principle of adding a table to the page:
       – in the panel you find the button with the appropriate name of the table;
       – visually you fail the cursor to the place on the page where the table will be placed;
       – you press a button, and add a ready-made template of the table;
       – you add information to the ready table;
       – you press a “save changes” – ready!
      If you are interested in having special tables – choose among the site templates one,
      has unique layout (templates tables) that you need.
11. Templates have two language versions.
       You can order any two languages versions for your choice!
       Standard offer (most demanded by customers): Russian + English.
12.  Templates have a user interface in Russian (by default).
        If you are interested in the user interface in English, Ukrainian or any other language –
        write about it in the comments to the order.
       We will install admin panel for your site in another language, that you are interested in.

How to begin the procedure of ordering?

Go to the page of ordering:
This page is a step by step guide (including only 5 steps).
Choose a theme from the proposed website templates – answer questions while filling the order form – send your application!
STEP 1.  Before you website templates – the complete solution for your business.
Preview of theme is a screenshot of the main page.
View template by clicking on the “View theme”.
Website template will be open for viewing in a new browser window (on another page).
If you like template – place a check mark “select website template”,
under theme, that you are interested in, on the order page.
STEP 2. Click on “go to the order form”.
Answer all the questions as detailed as possible.
Do not forget to mention your email address (email)!
Refine your order in the line “Comments to order”,
if your order requires clarification.

STEP 3. Click on “Send”.

STEP 4. Approximately after 1 hour, check your email,
that you provided at registration application.
You will receive a response to your request.
More clarifying questions can be in the application.
Prepare the answers to these questions.
Prepare and attach the photographs to response letter,
that can be used partially or completely in the design of your site.
Please note that you, as a customer, must have copyright of photographs,
that you want use for the partial or total using in the design of the site!

STEP 5. Send an email with the answers to these questions and photos.

The text of the contract for services you will receive in the message body in the course of official correspondence
from your official email to official experts of the company email.
THE TIMING OF ORDERS for site – 7 days from the date of the contract.


The site, that is completely ready for filling with your materials.
Illustrated instructions to the interface of the site administrator, using which you can add to your site information:
articles, news, photos, etc.
The access codes to the control site (interface).


GIFT 1. A unique author’s unique design of the site as a gift!
GIFT 2. One year of domain rent as a gift!
GIFT 3. One year of hosting rent as a gift!
GIFT 4. One year of technical support of website as a gift!


1.  You can order the service of creating of a logo-watermark
     (company, organization, cattery)
     for installation it on all pictures while loading photo to the site as a sign of ownership
     author’s sign of belonging of the photograph to the information resource).
     Prices for this service we will send you on your request in PDF format with illustrations.
2. You can order the service of filling pages with your information and articles.
3. You can order the service of writing unique articles in Russian, which are optimized for search queries.
4. You can order the service of translation of optimized texts into other languages.
5. You can order the service of for basic seo-optimization of pages for certain search queries in showing regions
   that you are interested in.
6. You can order the service of site’s promotion.
7. You can order the service of placement of information about the site and services
in thematic catalogs from Katrin-Elizabeth® and K-E.TOP.

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